Awkward review

Awkward, the new quiz game from developers Snap Finger Click is quite likely to get you a slap round the back of the head from anyone you play this with, go into this game with a sense of humour or things will get, well awkward.

Awkward is based on a card game that was banned at the end of the 1800s, as it caused all sorts of social issues, from fights to divorces, to be honest it still could!

The premise of the game is simple, you answer question over tree round to see how well you know someone, except as the round go on the questions become more difficult to answer. 1-6 people can play, if you play solo, your answers get compared to everyone else playing the game on their own which isn’t so bad. The awkwardness however comes from playing locally with your partner or friends.

You each take the controller to secretly answer before handing it over to your team mate so that they can answer, the game then reveals who chose what. At the end of each round the game reveals how compatible you are with your partner. With over 5000 questions available there is little chance of you seeing the same the same questions twice, but the chances are after a few plays of the game you won’t find yourself coming back to play again.

The questions in the first couple of rounds are straightforward, asking you things like which superhero would you rather be, the awkwardness comes it the later rounds were questions start to ask more risqué things to do with your parent’s sex lives or whether you would choose to save a 1 or 18 year old from dying. . I’d be more likely to play this with my friends then close relatives as I don’t think they would find this game fun, however, the team at TiX would.

The trouble is, this sort of game needs to make you laugh, If I was playing Cards against Humanity there is enough there to make everyone  giggle at some point, but with Awkward I never felt like that was going to happen. Except for when the old man pops up shouting ‘Awkward!’ when you don’t match with your partner, but even that stopped being funny after a while.

Just like ‘It’s Quiz Time’, Awkward can be livestreamed so that you can interact with your fans over Mixer, Twitch or YouTube, it was all easy enough to set up but you’ll need a large viewer base if you are going to make the effort to set everything up to play live.

I was a bit disappointed in the end with Awkward, maybe a quirky host might have helped liven the game up, while a variations on the round might have helped the longevity of the game, we’ll certainly play it every now and then as part of our quiz nights, but it won’t come out very often.

Dave Moran
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