Battlefield V: Firestorm gets its Gameplay Reveal Trailer

This week saw the release of the first gameplay trailer for Battlefield V: Firestorm, the Battle Royale mode that is launching on March 25th – errr tomorrow!

Most critics were wondering just what EA had up their sleeves for Firestorm, and worried that the recent lauch of Apex Legends would harm the sales of Battlefield V from those gamers looking for their next Battle Royale fix. Well, the trailer answers most of those concerns, with the gameplay looking vastly different to Apex Legends.

For a start, Firestorm is single player or squads, and also features seventeen vehicles including Helicopters, Tanks and Tractors (which pull a bloody great gun along behind it). The Firestorm name is also quite apt, as the enclosing ring is actually an out of control fire, destroying everything in its path. As per the main game, all building are destructible, meaning hide and seek fans may need to change their tactic!

All in all, Firestorm has changed my opinion of Battlefield V from a “meh” to a “wow” and I am looking forward to giving this new mode a try!

Check out the official website for all the information on Firestorm.

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Battlefield V: Firestorm launches on March 25th

Adrian Garlike
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