Battlefield V: Firestorm launches on March 25th

EA currently has one awesome Battle Royale game in Apex Legends, but by the end of the month they will have a second, with the March 25th launch of the Battlefield V battle royale mode, called Firestorm. A new trailer has also been released which although it doesn’t show actual gameplay, hints at the inclusion of Helicopters, Tanks, Tractors and Amphibious vehicles, which will certainly give it an edge over its competition.

The trailer definitely promises something different to Apex, Fortnite and Blackout, and will have multiple options, with solos, duos and four-player squad modes. Firestorm has been developed by Criterion and Thumbstix are really looking forward to seeing some gameplay footage!

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Adrian Garlike
Ady has been gaming for more years than he can remember, from a Commodore Vic 20 to the Xbox One X and multiple consoles and computers in-between. He loves the gaming community and culture, but hates the toxicity that it brings. Please gamers, lets be excellent to each other!

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