Battlefield V gets new cinematic single player trailer

EA have unveiled the official single player trailer for Battlefield V, which releases worldwide November 20. Similar to Battlefield 1, V goes about telling the untold stories of the war – this time the setting is World War 2. The stories mode of the previous title really impressed, sensitively portraying some truly humbling and often chilling stories. The game didn’t glorify the war, but still managed to entertain, while the multiplayer held my attention far longer that some of the recent Battlefield titles.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has opted for a full on multiplayer experience, so Battlefield V will almost certainly mop up gamers after a single player element to their online shooters – with the title looking this exciting and the beta really impressing, here’s hoping that come my birthday, which is conveniently close to launch, I will be the proud owner of a Battlefield V limited Edition Xbox One X.

Rich Berry
After leading ThisisXbox (TiX) alongside Dave Moran and evolving the site into ThumbsTiX, these days you will find me as a contributor and reader on the site.

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