Battlefield V’s battle royale mode won’t be live until March 2019

EA and DICE have released a timeline for their post release support of the upcoming Battlefield V, and surprisingly the battle royale mode, Firestorm, won’t be available at launch. In fact, it won’t be available until March 2019.

In the timeline post Jonas Elfving writes:


Battle Royale comes to Battlefield with Firestorm and the war reaches Greece as the third Tides of War chapter is unleashed in the Spring.

Firestorm: During spring, DICE and Criterion start the fire with Battlefield V’s battle royale experience. Firestorm elevates the mode by bringing in the best of what Battlefield is known for. Mix a shrinking playing field with trademark Battlefield elements such as team play, powerful vehicles, and destruction, and you get many unique Battlefield moments coming your way.

It’s an unfortunate delay to a mode many are excited for. Let’s hope it delivers when we finally get to play in March next year.

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