Beyond NRG review

What do you normally drink when gaming or working from home?

When I’m gaming you’ll likely find me with a beer in hand, but when I’m working from home I’ll be drinking 5 or 6 coffees a day. Neither are great choices in reality so it was great to be able to try something different.

Beyond NRG is a powdered, sugar-free and nootropic gaming energy drink that offers a healthy and long-lasting surge of energy, focus and endurance. The Beyond formula contains essential vitamins and minerals that form part of your recommended daily intake. The vitamins and minerals have been based on the everyday gamer. More information about the exact ingredients can be found on the Beyond NRG website. The Beyond mission is to eliminate the ‘crash’, typically experienced with traditional energy drinks.

I was sent a Mortal Kombat special edition tub of Blue Raspberry lemonade (which came with some Mortal Kombat DLC) and a pack of 20 sachets of various flavours including:

  • Mango, Pineapple and Blood Orange
  • Wild Forest Fruits
  • Strawberry, Watermelon and Lime
  • Blue Raspberry Lemonade

It also came with the Beyond NRG Vortex Shaker, available in white or black which comes with a detachable motor for mixing your drink. Not only does it save you the hassle of physical mixing your drink, but with a touch of a button you can remix your drink and get rid of any powder that may not have mixed in the first place, however I’ve never had to do that so far with the drinks. The bottle looks great and is well sealed so you can safely transport it around.  

What you really want to know however is, how does it taste? I’ve always been a bit dubious with energy drinks and I wasn’t expecting to like any of the flavours provided. However I did come away surprised, the Blue Raspberry Lemonade was really quite refreshing, while the Wild Forest Fruits were really nice too. I was less fussed about the other two flavours but that purely a preference thing. 

I was pleased that there wasn’t a dusty taste either, I’ve tried other energy drinks in the past that have left an unpleasant aftertaste but I’m pleased to report this isn’t the case with Beyond NRG.

It’s quite clear that the team at Beyond NRG are passionate about their drinks and they are obviously liked enough to be working with the ESL as well as Excel and Endpoint eSports teams.

If you are looking for a new drink to keep you going through the day it’s definitely worth checking out Beyond NRG.


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