Bridge Constructor Stunts saw it’s birth first on Steam and mobile devices, the basic aim is to get your vehicle from one side of the level to the other. As simple as it sounds Bridge Constructor Stunts is not easy, but is it any good?

If physics was your thing way back at school then this will see just how much you remember. The start of the game gives you a tutorial on how to edit the level’s bridges and add the necessary pieces to existing ones to give your vehicle a fighting chance of making it to the end. With the building and adjusting starting off quite basic this quickly moves onto more complicated bridges as you progress, meaning you’ll have to build bridges at various angles and heights to be able to get to the end goal. To add a little more of a challenge there are collectibles scattered throughout each level in the form of stars and screws, which to be honest, don’t really offer much in the way of bonuses – they were put there just for an extra challenge.


Whilst the actual building of the ramp is straight forward, the more you practice the more proficient you will get making the whole puzzle solving issue easier. The best place to start is the base, after all, this will hold the whole thing up. Next you can work on the angle and height so your vehicle makes a smooth jump onto the next bridge. Just to add a little more spice later on in the game, you can choose the materials you use to allow more support and cope with heavier loads. One little gripe I have is that you have a limited budget, which often caused me a bit of frustration as I couldn’t just build everything in the strongest materials – but it does help add that puzzle element to the game.


Once your bridge is built and you’re confident it won’t collapse, it’s time test it out. By using the left stick you can rotate your truck mid flight to make it flip and rotate, if you land it you’ll get a better score. Often however you think your truck is rotating nicely but then all of a sudden you will over rotate and it’s game over. Mixing the stunts, your bridge, the angles, materials and numerous test runs gives you a final score needed to pass the level. As you can imagine, at times this game got sworn at.


Bridge Constructor Stunts is a nice little game that requires lots and lots of trial and error. At times it becomes a bit of a bind, however, it is quite satisfying once you land your vehicle and cross the finish line knowing you worked hard to pass the level. On the ‘flip’ side all your efforts aren’t really rewarded much because there aren’t many achievements to be earned.

Bridge Constructor Stunts is a colourful and fun game with a pretty decent soundtrack, using a controller isn’t that easy and I can see why it was made for touch screen mobile devices in the first place.

Thanks to Headup Games and Xbox for Supporting TiX