Cable Guy – Miles Morales edition review

I’m a big fan of the Cable Guys controller holders and chargers. They blend in perfectly with all of my gaming paraphernalia and actually serve a purpose too.

We previously reviewed the Iron Man Cable Guy and were huge fans of it, we’ve now been given the Mile Morales edition from Into the Spider-Verse.

It looks great, this is probably one of my favourite Spider-Man outfits in recent memory. It measures in at 8” tall and comes with a 2m cable for charging your device, PlayStation controllers, Xbox controllers and most smartphone will fit securely into the hands keeping your device safe. Being able to charge your device at the same time means you’ll never be out of power.

Unlike the Spiderman version, this is a full boy holding which looks much better as the other model was essentially a bust. For any Marvel enthusiasts out there, this Cable Guy is for you. I really like meticulous attention to detail, and authentic splash of colour.

As we’ve mentioned before, the holders are great, essentially useful POP figures. Whether you use them for your device or not they are great affordable gift for any videogame fan.

You pick up the Miles Morales edition from Amazon.

Dave Moran
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