Click and Collect announced for PC and Android

New indie developer Peacock Pie Productions have announced the imminent release of Click and Collect, a casual management game coming to PC and Android devices.

In Click and Collect, you’ve been hired as a Customer Service Assistant to serve customers as they enter your store, handing them boxed items from the conveyer belt before they fall off and break, stuffed toys from shelving, and jewellery from a display counter.

You’ll need to stay alert and keep your wits about you to provide customers with the correct order while avoiding hazards such as fires, puddles, thieves, electrical malfunctions and your manager, as well as overcoming surprise special challenges that really push your management skills and reactions. All in an attempt to score three stars in each level.

Serve enough customers and you’ll be rewarded with in-game currency to buy Assists to aid you with the hazards, allowing you the opportunity to retry levels and earn the maximum three stars for each, unlocking more challenging levels.

Once you’ve conquered the sixteen standard levels, four Endless levels unlock to test your reactions and management skills further.

Can you keep your calm and manage customer orders effectively enough to earn all three stars on each level?

Click and Collect will be available for Android via Google Play and PC via from Thursday February 18 2021.

You can follow Peacock Pie Productions on Twitter to learn more:

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