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Blowing up cars is cool, especially with other cars that have sniper rifles and rocket launchers attached to them. If that appeals to you in any way then Crossout is a game for you.

It will take a bit of patience at the beginning, your simple rust bucket of a car won’t have many capabilities, but it will give you enough to get by in your first matches. Each match you take part in is 8v8 and the objective is simply to destroy the other team or capture their HQ. You’ll race across the vast wastelands to hunt down and destroy your opponents. Winning matches will give you access to more experience and more car parts to start to build you a machine of destruction.

You need to get to level 10 before you get to battle with your fellow humans, which is fine, to a point. It gives you a chance to get used to the game and also a chance to build up more of an impressive vehicle. The AI vehicles are pretty stupid though, always crashing into walls or driving off cliffs, it’s funny to watch at first but quickly gets tiresome.

Where things should be fun is in the crafting, but you’ll need to be patient. You’ll need to take some things into consideration when building your machine. Weight, for example, is important, making the car too heavy will make it slow, whereas a lighter vehicle will move around more freely. You’ll also need to consider the car’s Centre of Mass. if you unbalance the car you’ll have all sorts of issues when driving. It’s great fun putting your car together thanks to the easy-to-use build mode. If you save enough in-game credits, you can purchase cars through the player market.

You’ll eventually upgrade your car with items such as rockets, stealth fields or giant grinders while other objects such as skulls, headlamps, spears, exhaust pipes just add to the visuals rather than affecting the physics of the car, you are encouraged to decorate your vehicles as they contribute towards XP.

It’s great being able to see what the community has created in their own worlds and thanks to the exhibition mode you can. Each vehicle you view can be downloaded and you can even have a little test drive with them. If you have the same parts available you can use the template as your own.

This is all great except you are let down but constantly needing to grind your way through the game for little reward unless of course, you are willing to spend a bunch of cash through the microtransactions, it almost undermines how fun the game can actually be.

The combat is great, vehicles can be torn apart piece by piece. You’ll see lots of vehicles with wheels missing or parts falling off. There is nothing more satisfying than disabling an opponent to the point that they have no wheels or weapons but are still alive, leaving them for an easy kill. Matches are quick, they finish within a few minutes and it’s not long before you are back out again to take on another team. The excellent physics make for some great gameplay.

The game feels very much like World of Tanks mixed with Mad Max, it’s a frantic and chaotic game, that is let down by the grinding and the confusing menus. It’s a great looking game and gives you a chance to let your imagination run while with your vehicle creations, you just might get frustrated by the waiting though.

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