Cuphead is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 18th

April 18th will see the release of Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch. Previously an Xbox One and PC exclusive, developer StudioMDHR have today revealed it’s plans to bring the side scrolling cartoon shooter to Nintendo’s hand-held console. But, that’s not all, Microsoft have also announced that the game will be the first to have Xbox Live support on a rival console. A hastily removed tweet from Major Nelson stating “Earn achievements on the Nintendo Switch” was replaced with “And it will have Xbox Live support”. The Xbox Wire news post giving the details of this work has now also been removed, although it did state that the Xbox Live support would be added in a later patch. Obviously someone jumped the gun with this announcement but I am sure this is the start of the Xbox and Nintendo romance.

April 18th also see’s a content patch for the Xbox One version of the game. StudioMDHR have added tons of new art and animation. The grandest addition is that the game will now have fully animated cinematic cut-scenes. They have also added multiple fight intros for Cuphead and Mugman, added new special effects to the Legendary Chalice‚Äôs granting of Super Arts, new enemy explosions, new puffs of smoke, new background details, and more! However, the biggest change is that you can now play as Mugman in the single player mode.

Adrian Garlike
Ady has been gaming for more years than he can remember, from a Commodore Vic 20 to the Xbox One X and multiple consoles and computers in-between. He loves the gaming community and culture, but hates the toxicity that it brings. Please gamers, lets be excellent to each other!

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