Dangerous Driving review

Let’s face it, we have all been crying out for a new Burnout game, the remaster of Burnout Paradise was nice but it still didn’t fill that gap in our lives, Dangerous Driving however, does.

The team at Three Fields Entertainment have made us Burnout fans very happy, Dangerous Driving is tough but boy is it satisfying. The sense of speed is terrific, thanks to the brilliant world that has been created with over 270 miles of track. You’ll race through North America with locations including Canyons, Deserts, snowy Mountains, Lakes and more.

Dangerous Driving is a tough game to master, braking is the first thing you are going to want to learn as that will send you into the all important drifts, if you can get good at drifting, as opposed to hugging the outer edges of every corner like I do you’ll see better laps times and medals at the end of races. Not only will you be hitting speeds that make you eyes want to bleed, but you’ll also need to avoid the other vehicles on the road, to make things more challenging cars that you destroy are persistent meaning they will stay where you left them, so you’ll need to think about where you are destroying your opponents.

There are 9 different single player game modes totalling in 69 events. Aside from normal racing there are Eliminator races where you fight to survive over 5 laps, with the last place being eliminated each lap, 1 on 1 Face Offs where your opponent races against you in a faster car, if you win, you win the car and Survival, which sees you race against the clock, crash once and it’s game over.

One of my favourite events is Pursuit, where you get to drive a police car hunting down robbers, the other event is the old favourite, Road Rage. The more cars you take down the better medal you receive.

There are 26 vehicles to unlock with over 400 combinations of car/colour/livery, There are six car classes – Sedan, SUV, Coupe, Supercar, Hypercar and Formula DD. Driving the Sedans are difficult enough so you’ll need to be a pretty good driver to keep the faster cars under control.

As fun as the racing is, it can become frustrating at times, on quite a few occasions I’d be in a race doing well, crash and then find myself miles behind the opposition, however when my opponents crash they don’t seem to suffer as badly. I’d also like to see some more camera options, the view from behind the cars feel too close and I found myself trying to look over the car, so having the car zoomed out a bit would be a big help. These are minor issues though,

Another neat feature that needs mentioning is the Spotify Integration, which means I can play as much Avril Lavigne and 00’s punk rock as I like while driving at furious speeds.

It’s brilliant to have a spiritual successor to Burnout back in our lives, we’re all really excited for the multiplayer DLC to be released. The satisfaction of taking out your opponents in spectacular fashion before watching their vehicles obliterate in slow motion is feeling you are always going to enjoy. Dangerous Driving is fast and furious.

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Dangerous Driving





  • Awesome Visuals
  • Fast, Furious Racing


  • Would like to see some better cameras
  • AI feels like it has too much advantage at times
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