Flying through time all the way from the 1990s is a classic action adventure puzzle game that was originally released on the PC, Amiga and Atari. Programmed by Robert Cook and produced by the same company that released the original Prince of Persia series, Mindscape. D/generation is set in the year 2021 (jet packs in the near future? bring it on!) and you play as an average everyday courier who currently lives in France. The game starts with you relaxing in your apartment enjoying a good book when you receive an important phone call to deliver a parcel by jet pack to Genoq’s leading researcher, Paul Derrida. A long flight even by jet pack, you fly over the English channel to arrive in London and land on the 80th floor, drop your jet pack and prepare to enter the building to deliver the parcel. Upon entering, the doors close behind you and the bolts lock into place. Unaware of the dangers ahead you proceed inside to complete the task at hand and help with the quickly unraveling crisis that is happening inside the Genoq HQ.

The excitement begins right away. After wandering down a short corridor where you encounter your first Bio-weapon that will kill you on sight, these peculiar looking turrets can be deactivated by hitting switches on the walls. You will encounter your first Genoq employee in the same room who is seemingly distressed and just wants to get out of the building alive, she attempts to explain just what is going on. As you quickly get the picture that things inside Genoq have gone terribly wrong with the Bio-Weapons running wild and security is malfunctioning – it’s now up to you to put things right. Run around unarmed in this incredibly large building against Bio-Weapons and electric floor tiles that can kill you instantly, which is not the easiest thing to do, you will manage to find a laser gun early on which will make things slightly easier. Fortunately you can not proceed too far without it otherwise things would get even messier. Employees are spread out across the different floors in various rooms and they all need to be rescued, engage in conversation to find out more about what it happening in Genoq, where exactly is Derrida and find out other important bits of information like passwords to open locked doors.

dgen level

Each room has its own puzzle to solve and some are linked to other rooms. The puzzles range from fairly straightforward to very challenging and can require angled trick shots with your laser to get to hard to reach rooms. It is completely up to you how you solve the puzzles as there are numerous ways to complete them – as you can imagine some methods work better than others.

D/Gen handles just like a game straight out of the 90’s, very simple and easy to get to grips with. As well as having a laser gun you can pick up other special utilities like grenades, which for some reason you can’t throw very far at all. The HUD is informative and provides you with a detailed outlook on your progress, rooms cleared, objects destroyed, current floor and the amount of employees saved on that floor. Each employee saved will grant you one extra life so it is usually worth putting in the time to solve puzzles and get them out safely, amazingly D/Generation also features a save and load function so if you feel you are doing particularly well or you are coming up to a hard puzzle and down to your last life, hit that save button. Losing all of your lives will result in the game starting all the way from the beginning as there are no checkpoints.

dgen hud

It isn’t always clear to see what you are picking up, some switches and traps are well hidden, which can lead you to wandering around or getting killed by random environmental hazards.

I remember the original game when I was smaller and it was pretty difficult back then, to see it jump into the HD category while still keeping its authenticity has put a smile on my face. D/Generation has smooth animations, a nice revamped environment, lots of angry Bio-weapons and challenging puzzles that will keep you entertained you for hours – as well as leaderboards to compete against your friends to see who can get farthest.

Thanks to Xbox and West Coast Games for their support