EA cancels open-world Star Wars game

A few days ago, rumours started spreading about yet another cancellation over at EA regarding a Star Wars project, and indeed it has now been official confirmed in a statement from EA to Kotaku. EA Vancouver’s open-world Star Wars game, a redesign of the Visceral Games Star Wars project that transferred to the Canadian studio after that team was disbanded, has been cancelled so they can work on a smaller projects.

By all accounts, the decision makers at EA looked at the time table for the open-world project and decided it wouldn’t bare fruit soon enough. Instead smaller-scale Star Wars projects will take its place, likely to be released much sooner. On the plus side, no one was let go this time and in EA’s statement they did make mention of┬áStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from Respawn, so hope isn’t entirely lost for future Star Wars titles from the publisher.

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