The first of the three recently revealed DLCs for Fallout 4, Automatron, has hit digital shelves, offering some new story missions and a new crafting option. However, is this mini-expansion worth purchasing?

Bethesda mentioned before release that Automatron wasn’t going to be a large expansion to Fallout 4, and indeed that’s the case. The DLC brings with it the new ability to craft robotic companions and a mere handful of story missions. In all it only really offers a couple of hours of additional wasteland shenanigans, however, the quality is superb.

With the DLC installed, upon loading up a save you’ll receive a new radio broadcast that points you in the direction of the new missions. Action is the crux of the new quest line, with it starting off strong with a small skirmish and the combat scenarios escalating wonderfully from there. You’ll be facing off against peculiar looking robots led by The Mechanist – who may sound familiar to the Silver Shroud enthusiasts amongst you. These are a fearsome and aggressive cabal that truly test your might. Moreover, seeing these cobbled together robots unleashing lasers, steam, tesla arcs or good old fashioned metal fists, swords and saws, is a delightfully menacing and different look to what you’ve fought before. It absolutely feels like something new yet thematically harmonious.

Fallout 4 Automatron 1

Two hours later and the quest line is over with, however, it’s hard fought from start to end. The robotic foes put up tough fight, one that teaches you the importance of quick saving. You’re also thrust into some particularly frantic combat scenarios with multiple foes mixing it up with melee and projectile weaponry. It’s awesome fun and hugely satisfying.

In addition to the new enemies comes a few new friends and the potential for many more. You’ll meet two robotic companions with their own, unique personalities, one of which is particularly reminiscent of GLaDOS, and with the new robot crafting, you can build yourself an army of new metal friends. This is also pleasantly deep; allowing you to create some aesthetically interesting robots from the many parts you can scavenge and then kit them out with an assortment of devastating weapons and helpful mods. Fortunately the new quest line also gives you plenty of opportunity to collect the resources you’ll need to create your very own robot companions. Indeed this DLC is very well implemented and thought-out so to provide a fun set of new and challenging missions and a new crafting option that doesn’t provide busy work despite its crafting flexibility.

Fallout 4 Automatron 2

Automatron doesn’t offer enough to reengage you with the Commonwealth wasteland for any longer than a single play session, but the quality of the experience is excellent. The new enemies are interesting and challenging to fight and the new crafting options are deep and entertaining. Roll on April when the next DLC hits.

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