Find your way with Blind – coming to PSVR Sept 18

Mysterious VR puzzler, Blind, is launching globally on PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, and Open Source Virtual Reality on September 18.

Blind’s unique selling point is that the puzzles you are confronted with are draped in shades of black and white, which is a means to represent what the main character is witnessing through being ‘blinded’. But why has she suddenly lost her sight? Hopefully the intensity of the setting isn’t too off-putting to find out…

“Most VR titles use the medium to flood players’ senses, but we wanted to do something special and restrict the senses in a way,” says Matteo Lana, CEO of Tiny Bull Studios. “But even as Blind inhibits our standard perception of sight, the echolocation mechanic and fully-encompassing environment engage the player and enhance the puzzle gameplay in a way that only VR can.”

Clocking in at around 8 hours, the puzzles are merely a front to what promises to be an ’emotionally tense’ gameplay.

Rich Berry
After leading ThisisXbox (TiX) alongside Dave Moran and evolving the site into ThumbsTiX, these days you will find me as a contributor and reader on the site.

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