Its that time of year when the card, novelty toy and sweet manufacturers rub their hands with glee, whilst thinking of all the money they are going to make from the popular unofficial holiday that’s known as Halloween. For us gamers it usually means an in-game event or activity that’s designed in a spooky, scary fashion. Rocket League is once again joining in, as they have announced an in-game event called Haunted Hallows which will launch on 15th October.

The special timed Rocket League events all work the same way. This time, playing online matches will earn you Candy Corn which are then used to unlock some spooky in-game cosmetics, such as the Candy Jack or Haunted House topper, alongside new decals and player banners.

As a special (trick or) treat, Psyonix have also put Golden Pumpkins into this event, which will unlock items from the Players Choice Series 2, Nitro and Turbo crates. See you on the pitch!


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