Hitman 2 heads to the Columbian Jungle

Agent 47 will be heading to the jungles of Columbia in the second location that has been revealed for Hitman 2. We have already seen the hustle and bustle of the first location, a race track in the streets of Miami, but this location promises a lot less people and a lot more hiding in bushes, which is my go-to tactic in Fortnite, so I should be an expert on this map!

The teaser trailer doesnt give a lot away, but I would bet on the location being related to the drug trade, especially as one of the characters featured is in white gloves and an apron, giving off vibes of Breaking Bad. In a press release, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment promises “a living, breathing jungle environment with threats lurking around every corner.”

So, thats two locations confirmed, along with the news that all Hitman Season 1 locations will be playable in Hitman 2 as DLC.

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Adrian Garlike
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