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Hypercharge Unboxed review

Throughout our younger years we all had a favourite toy, whether it be a high end toy like Scalextric, or a Hornby train set to cheap and cheerful toys like Little Green Army Men or Boglins. They all did the same thing, help our imaginations run wild. Hypercharge: Unboxed immerses players in a vibrant and imaginative world where toy action figures come to life. The game cleverly uses familiar household environments, such as bedrooms, garages, and toy stores, transforming them into dynamic battlegrounds. This unique setting is reminiscent of childhood fantasies, offering a waves of nostalgia and creativity.

Hypercharg’s main campaign is made up of wave-based combat keeps you on your toes sufficiently enough, while teasing you with side-objectives and secrets, so that a single playthrough of a stage isn’t enough to conquer it all, encouraging replay and maintaining wonder.
Mainly, however, what keeps you engaged and brings the concept to life, is the different toys that make up the waves as you progress, delivering new nostalgia on every level. Beginning a level inside your packaging, building defences from bricks legally distinct from Lego, 80s and 90s nostalgic toy references marching towards you intend on breaking you.
The campaign is well balanced and challenges even the most organised teams on the higher difficulties, the cut scenes that tell the story are in comic book form with voice actors doing a brilliant job. The script is well written and certainly had some funny moments too.
Multiplayer in Hypercharge is like Quake but with toys. In fact, it’s Quake with better thematic reasoning. Weapons strewn around all over the place, jump pads and crazy platforming opportunities created by the chaos of messy play environments.  It’s well-paced to provide frantic combat and light exploration in small enough bursts that the experience doesn’t get stale.
It has to be applauded that there is no monetisation in game, everything is available;e to unlock for free and there is a huge amount of customisation for you to take advantage of. There will be no battle pass either so it is literally what you see is what you get.

However, as wonderful as the concept and realisation of that concept is, there are some flaws holding it back. While thematic, the depth of field effect can be visually distracting and off putting when battling from afar, and there’s no way to turn it off, only mitigate it by messing with the field of view options. There’s also a lack of juice when it comes to feedback, especially when taking damage. The combat while enjoyable, does feel less tactile and lacks feedback that most shooters in the last decade have managed to evolve upon. While this is overly prevalent in Multiplayer yet Co-op feels far more rewarding in spite of this shortcoming. While Hypercharge provides a nice selection of accessibility options for adjusting control schemes, FOV, etc. the default control scheme is a little odd. Fortunately, the ’classic’ scheme lives up to its name and feels far more familiar for this genre.

Finally, the weapons while varied, could do with an option to test the guns as their specifics can in many cases be difficult to get to grips with in the short time you can use them and can cause frustration when the firing mechanics are not obvious. Having a “firing range” letting you try out weapons would be an easy win to allow people time to get to grips with those outlier weapons that arent just point and shoot. Overall, a game that is great fun with friends, but can be frustrating when you first start playing, which could put players off early on.

It’s clear a lot of love has gone into making this game, the attention to detail is excellent, as is the clever avoidance of copyright infringement! There was much amusement for the team on the character select screen showing your toy with limited joint movement. The waves of nostalgia from each of as as we found a different toy that resonated with us was great.

Hypercharge: Unboxed delivers a fun and nostalgic experience that combines the charm of childhood toys with the thrill of cooperative first-person shooting. Its blend of strategy, customisation, and action-packed gameplay makes it a great title for players looking to enjoy a unique and entertaining multiplayer game. Whether playing with friends or solo, Hypercharge: Unboxed offers a delightful and engaging adventure in a world where toys rule the battlefield.


A thoroughly enjoyable game that brings waves of nostalgia back into your life. The Tower defence side of the game in particular is full of challenges and will give you lots to think about as a team. The worlds you play on are well thought and look great and the lack of monetisation in the game is a breath of fresh air.

Dave Moran
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