Indie Game The Pier Arcade Out Now On Steam

The solo-developed indie game, The Pier Arcade, has released on Steam.
The Pier Arcade offers players a selection of 12 physics-based arcade games to play, competing of high scores and tickets which can be exchanged for prizes.
This is the second game developed by solo developer Greg Giddens (yes, the same Greg Giddens that writes for this site, and in fact wrote this post), and it’s already looking like a game of the year contender… I’m completely unbiased, promise.
The Pier Arcade is not just a selection of arcade games, though. In order to play the games you need to possess enough money. You can wander the pier and the arcade, picking up boxes, treasure chests, and re-filling vending machines to raise your fund. Furthermore, one of the arcade games, Run Horsey Run, allows you to bet on horses to win the race, earning you potentially loads more money.
There’s something for everyone in The Pier Arcade, with a multitude of mechanics on show, challenging you to master timing and physics.

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