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Indie Roundup – February 2020

And just like that, January is gone. Here is a look at some of the indie games that have caught my eye releasing in February, with a few late entries I missed from January. Enjoy!


Release date – February 4th
Platform – Apple Arcade / Steam / Switch
Twitter – @NoodlecakeGames

Gear up your research caravan, boot up your GPS, spread out your map and head for the depths of Melmoth Forest. As a rookie field researcher, you’ll place cameras during the day, and watch the footage at night, tracking the movements of a scurry of squirrels.

Where do they hide their nuts? What puzzling routes do they take? And why do they behave so strangely?


Release date – February 10th
Platform – Steam

It is time to move across the country, and the only person with a car is your ex-partner. Suck up your pride and play through your trip and relationship’s road bumps, obstacles, and detours. Witty dialogue and moments of quiet, human connection are interspersed on a trip that reflect the oddities and struggles of Midwestern drives.

Little Nightmares II

Release date – February 11th
Platform – PC / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / PS4 / PS5 and Xbox Series S/X later in the year
Twitter – @LittleNights

Little Nightmares II is a suspense-adventure game in which you play as Mono, a young boy trapped in a world that has been distorted by the humming transmission of a distant tower.

With Six, the girl in a yellow raincoat, as his guide, Mono sets out to discover the dark secrets of The Signal Tower and save Six from her terrible fate.

But their journey will not be straightforward as Mono and Six will face a gallery of new threats from the terrible residents of this world.

Will you dare to face this collection of new, little nightmares?

Wave Crash

Release date – February 13th
Platform – Microsoft Windows / macOS
Twitter – @flyover_games

A puzzle game that packs a punch! Match blocks to send waves at your opponent! Dodge their waves or crash them head-on to survive. Unleash unique super attacks and explosive Hype Mode to tip the scales. It is a back-and-forth struggle for arcade puzzling dominance!


SuchArt: Creative Space

Release date – January 21st
Platform – Microsoft Windows
– @SuchArtGame

What would you do if you were provided with your very own art studio? SuchArt: Creative Space gives you an opportunity to find that out!

Let your imagination run wild and paint whatever you want, complete commissions, decorate the studio with your art and furniture, buy tools and experiment with them – you’ve got 3 rooms and an infinite amount of time, and only you decide how to handle them!

Rain City

Release date – January 22nd
Platform – Steam / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4

Rain City: a city where rain always pours. This puzzle game features warm, picture book-like graphics and a story with lifelike animals.

The game begins with the main character, a cat, who embarks to Rain City to find his sister. The story is both bizarre and exciting making players get lost in a mushroom field, search for a secret passage, and run experiments in a laboratory. The reason rain continues in Rain City is uncovered when players find his missing sister…

Players control the main character to look for his sister in the city. The story moves along while meeting various characters, gathering information, solving puzzles, and clearing minigames. There are elements that test skills including memory and observation, and the many items that appear add to its appeal to the game.

The picture book-like graphics and the story about animals who live like humans will draw you in to the world of Rain City.

Tiny Lands

Release date – January 22nd
Platform – Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
Twitter – @Hyper3Studio

Have you ever played the old puzzle games in which you had to find all the differences? Well… Tiny Lands uses the basic concept of this idea, but with a new twist.


Release date – January 28th
– Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems
Twitter – @Fireartgames

TOHU is a brand-new adventure game set amongst a world of weird and wonderful fish planets. Explore beautiful environments and solve intricate puzzles as a little girl, joined by her mechanical alter-ego, Cubus. Together they will discover the truth about themselves and the mysterious Sacred Engine that powers their world.

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