KontrolFreek latest products review

The lovely people at KontrolFreek have sent us over some of their latest offerings for us to try out. Here is what we thought.

KontrolFreek Grips

grips-cqc-xb1-bundle-385pxIf you don’t own an Xbox One Elite controller you won’t be able to experience the awesome grips that come with them, but now you can. The grips are really easy to apply to any standard Xbox One Wireless controller and feel great once they have been applied. The foam cushioning layer creates a feel much like a dense memory foam, conforming to your palm and providing more support. These will be a great investment if you haven’t jumped into the world of the elite controller.

FPS Freek Galaxy

kontrolfreek_fps_freek_galaxy_xb1The FPS Freek Galaxy are a perfect companion to fans of Halo, Destiny or even Mass Effect. With one high-rise stick (10.1mm) designed for aim and accuracy on your right stick, and one shorter, mid-rise (6.1mm) stick for extra grip and comfort on your left, this combination translates to better control when going up against your opponents. The colours might not suit everyone but personally I though the purple on silver looked great alongside my standard Xbox Controller.If you prefer you can opt for an all white version which will look pretty awesome too.

FPS Freek S.C.A.R

1505-1Perfect for Call of Duty fans, the FPS Freek S.C.A.R will undoubtedly help improve your performance, the added height and grip are designed to reduce fatigue on your thumbs as well as adding extra grip to help improve accuracy. Although I don’t play COD very often these were my favourite design. The S.C.A.R. logo is laser-etched into two concave thumbsticks. The intricate skull detail, highlighted on a bold steel blue colour scheme really makes your standard controller look pretty awesome.

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