Latest F1 2018 developer diary teaches us about car handling

With F1 2018 currently doing its out lap and readying for the grid,  third developer diary has been released.

In the diary, Codemasters teaches us about F1 2018’s handling with Senior Car Handling Designer David Greco.

Greco talks about his experience with racing and racing sims and how F1 2018’s simulation and handling has significantly advanced this year, with revamped suspension and chassis physics, the addition of real world F1 data for unprecedented accuracy, new “tyre carcass” temperature for the first time, as well as manual deployment of the ERS system.

Basically this means that you’ll be able to experience the sensation of the tyres hitting the tarmac, giving you a realistic impressions of grip across the different weather conditions in the game.

More information about this is all available on the games’ blog.

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