MX vs. ATV 2017 official Track edition is an updated version of MX vs. ATV 2017 Supercorss Encore, complete with 16 new tracks and races from the 2017 Supercross season (excluding Daytona) but the real question is whether it’s any good?

In short, not really, as someone who hadn’t played and MX vs ATV game for a while I struggled with the controls and despite trying things never got any better. There are a multitude of game modes to play through as well as lots of customisation options but the game just expects you to know everything as there is a real lack of explanation about how the game works!

There are plenty of game modes, from within the single race section you can take part in Supercross, nationals, free ride, & Rhythm Racing. I however really enjoyed Waypoint, a frantic race where you feel like it to get to different checkpoints as quickly as you can. In Free Ride you can take your time to practice on any track in the game and trust me, you’ll need to practice! Career Mode give’s you quite a wide range of races types to take part in, you’ll choose the class of vehicle you want to race with before setting of on your journey to become the champ.


You could forgive most games for being a bit rubbish if the overall experience was really enjoyable, but it’s such a struggle to control your bike I rarely managed to enjoy myself. As well as trying to steer using the left stick you need to manage the balance of the rider on the right stick. I understand that the game is trying to be realistic but it’s too sensitive, if you lean just too much into a corner the bike starts to donut and you’ll have lost 5 or 6 places immediately. If you do manage to get some amazing air you can use the shoulder button with a mixture of the sticks to pull off some stunts, even using an elite controller it was a bit too intensive for me to manage anything stunt worthy. Even if you do manage a cool stunt you’ll have to use the Xbox recording feature as there is no replay feature. One positive that did make me laugh was when you bail and your bike appears to smash into a cameraman, here them ‘oof’ before hitting the deck. It’s the little things sometimes…


Despite the graphics having ‘Updated high-res track textures rendered in HD’ you wouldn’t be able to tell, I felt like I was just playing on the Xbox 360. Textures pop in and out constantly during races and it all just looks a bit low-res to me. The sound is also disappointing; dull engine roar, stock crowd effects that just seem like they’re on a loop, and the soundtrack is full of the worst ‘rock’ music you can imagine.

I was left wondering with it was worth this game being remastered, yes there is a huge amount of race types, classes and competitions to race in. It’s also great that the game has had the new 2017 tracks bringing things up to date. If you are a real MX fan then this may be the perfect reason to buy the game, but I’d be surprised if anyone else did.

Thanks to Nordic Games and Xbox for supporting TiX