New DiRT Rally 2.0 trailer shows off Rally Through the Ages

Codemasters have released a brand new trailer for DiRT Rally 2.0. It’s called ‘Rally Through the Ages’, shows off some of the most iconic vehicles in rally history.

The trailer also shows a first look at DiRT Rally 2.0’s stage degradation feature in action. Stage degradation replicates the way surfaces evolve throughout the course of a rally event.

Codemasters’ Rally Consultant Jon Armstrong said:

If you start first on the road you’re going to suffer from a lot of loose gravel, which means you’ll struggle for traction – and that makes it hard to put in a flowing stage with a good stage time.

The optimal run time is probably around 5th – 10th place because you get that loose surface swept off, but it’s not too rough that it ruins your car or your rhythm. ‘The further down the running order you are from there, the more the surface is going to plough and rut, so you need to adjust your driving style and even your vehicle setup to cope with the evolving track. Even though you can drive down the same stage a thousand times, these stages are going to present a different challenge every time.

Codies are also releasing Dev diaries that are well worth a look.

DiRT Rally 2.0 hits consoles and PC on Tuesday 26 February 2019.


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