New Resident Evil 2 remake trailer

Want some fresh Resident Evil 2 remake information? Well, the Tokyo Game Show has delivered, with Capcom unveiled a new trailer.

This trailer gives us a deeper lock at this reimagining of the classic Resident Evil 2, showing us rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as they begin to uncover what’s behind the terrifying zombie outbreak. As both Leon and Claire embark on their own campaigns independently, their collective experiences piece together a comprehensive story uncovering the malicious motives behind the nightmare engulfing the city, the truth behind the nefarious Umbrella Corporation, and the Birkin family’s role in the tragedy. The trailer also introduces some of the evil foes and potential allies that players can expect to encounter including the iconic series femme fatale Ada Wong, mysterious Annette Birkin and Chief Officer Brian Irons.

Resident Evil 2 releases January 25 2019, and we truly can’t wait.

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