It’s Quiz Time review

Looking for some family entertainment on the Xbox over Christmas? It’s Quiz Time could be a great way to start.

Many years ago, when I owned a PlayStation 2 we often had friends and family round to play Buzz! The Music Quiz, it was fantastic, do you remember the controllers that were actually Quiz pads? Now that we all own tablets and smartphones they have now become our quizpads, all you need is the associated app and you can interact with the TV screen.

SnapFingerClip are the developers of It’s Quiz Time, it’s safe to say they know their quizzes, since they are mostly made-up of ex-Buzz! quiz developers and it shows. Once you have downloaded the app from the store you can begin to set up your game, you’ll be given a room number and up to 8 people can join, when everyone has set this profile up you can begin your game.

Your host, Salli is cortana’esque character and she’ll make sure you are happy with the pronunciation of your name and that your are all set with your profile before the game begins. At the start of each round she’ll explain what to do while trying to interact with the players. If you played Buzz! You’ll find that Salli isn’t as good a host, she sounds a bit like Siri and annoying can’t pronounce some words naturally, she is terrible with year numbers. Apart from that she has a good script and tends to make the round flow well. She certainly said things that made my 9 year old chuckle so she isn’t all bad.

There are loads of different rounds available and each game last for 6 rounds. There are over 25,000 questions and a whole host of categories to choose from. The questions are well balanced and varied, and there will be a season pass coming along soon that will add even more to keep the game current.

Our favourite round was ‘Describe it’ which involved one player having a list of words on their device about a subject another player had chosen, as the player describes their topic you tick off when a word is mentioned. It’s harder than you think but very entertaining. Other rounds include Matchmaker, Guesstimation and Trust or Bust, where you have decide if your opponent will or won’t get the next question right. The final round can turn the game on its head, if you get a question wrong you lose points, we’ve had some great games that saw the player in the lead not winning because of the final round.

It’s Quiz Time allows you to create custom games, so you can have all your favourite rounds, but the most interesting idea is Streaming mode. In this mode you can set up a game so that you can play viewers of your YouTube, Twitch or Mixer channel. If you don’t have a camera, you can still stream the game and share your room code. We played a six player match and had a great time (even if the Mrs beat us all).

It’s great to have a proper quiz game back on the Xbox, of course there is room for improvement here and there but despite that we have had a great time playing it and will continue to for a long time to come!

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