Rainbow Six Siege goes spooky for Halloween

Ubisoft have announced the second special event of Rainbow Six Siege Year 3, called the Mad House Halloween Event. This event will last one week, beginning today, 25th October, ending on Halloween night, Wednesday 31st October. In this new Playlist, players will have to choose between five attackers (Ash, Thermite, Buck, Hibana and Finka), five defenders (Mira, Vigil, Valkyrie, Jager, and Pulse), all available in Halloween skins, and try to defeat the opposite team in a revisited Halloween version of the iconic map “House”. The Crimsonveil Collection will introduce brand new skins for five new operators. Additionally, classic 2017 Halloween skins are once again available for a limited time.

The “Mad House” Event includes the new “Trick or Treat” Ubisoft Club Challenge that allows players to earn one Crimson Veil pack if they achieve 30 kills while playing the Mad House map and a second pack if they manage to reach 60 kills. In addition, any players that log-in between 25th October and 5th November will receive one free pack.

Alongside this limited-time event, the Crimson Veil Collection will be available for purchase from Thursday 25th October to Sunday 5th November. This limited-time Halloween themed collection will offer players 22 exclusive cosmetic items for Operators Finka, Jager, Thermite, Valkyrie, and Vigil and can be obtained by purchasing the Crimsonveil Pack at a cost of 300 R6 credit by units.

Haunted Hallows returns to Rocket League on October 15th

Adrian Garlike
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