Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer Released

Could I be anymore excited about this coming Thursday? I’m stocked up on coffee and energy drinks, have plenty of snacks in the house and I am ready for midnight! I’ve prewarned the wife that there will be no gardening or housework done next weekend. BECAUSE IT’S RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 TIME BABY!!!

Ahem. And this week we got the obligatory launch trailer and the game is now available for download if you have purchased it digitally from the PS4 or Xbox One store. It has been reported that anyone who has pre-ordered physically will not get their copy until Friday morning at the earliest, as Rockstar appears to have embargoed the practice of online retailers sending out games a few days early. There has also been criticism of Rockstar this week as it has been reported that staff have been working voluntary 100 hour weeks on the run up to release in order to meet the deadline. Can Red Dead Redemption 2 be the game to beat the amazing God Of War to Game of the Year 2018? We will see in the next few weeks!

ICYMI – Red Dead Redemption 2 supporting cast revealed

Adrian Garlike
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