I know, I know, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard has been out for some time now, it’s only right though, in this day and age, of having multiple unplayed games on your Xbox that you’re reminded these amazing games aren’t going anywhere and you’re probably missing out on something. Our very own Rich Berry reviewed the main game when it was first released, go here to give that a read. RE7 is hands down one of my favourite games of the modern era; I did find it very scary but I could hardly pick any fault with it whatsoever. It was nice to see Capcom moving away from the play style of it’s predecessors and moving towards an atmospheric scare fest, which RE7 turned out to be. You may or may not be aware that since the title’s release there has been some DLC hit the stores, and I got to play them all, all except the free one which is still delayed! Titled ‘Banned Footage’ the DLC came in 2 sections, I got to play them all so I will break it down nicely into sections, just in case you got to play some and not all.

Banned Footage Vol 1: Nightmare

Below is a video review of Nightmare, give it a watch and don’t forget to comments on the YouTube video with your views on the game.

Banned Footage Vol 1: Bedroom

Banned Footage Vol 1: Ethan Must Die

Now, unlike the previous modes, here there isn’t much of a story or real aim to be honest. Your job is to survive and, well, to be honest, you won’t. You’re given a task to kill Marguerite in the Greenhouse. You enter the Bakers house through the rear door armed with only your knife, You have to find the key to the greenhouse and explore the area to find goodie boxes. The boxes contain whatever has been randomly generated and that’s all you have. I didn’t last long at all, in fact I barely made it into the house before I quickly ended my game session. Ethan Must Die is a gruelling challenge and I encourage anyone to have a go and do better than I did, that won’t be hard, trust me. My advice, keep moving!!

Banned Footage Vol 2: 21

21 is the sickest most twisted game of Pontoon/BlackJack I’ve ever seen. You’re sat in a room face to face with another poor victim with your hand strapped into some sort of device. Over a tannoy comes a familiar voice, the deranged schizoid Lucas is your host and he wants you to fail, painfully. The rules are simple, you have cards and you have to make 21 without going bust, the closest to 21 out of you and your opponent is the winner. You play Clancy, he’s the camera guy and the one who shows up in the VHS recordings throughout the main campaign, he’s also the one who you play in the Bedroom DLC, so it’s fair to say he’s been through quite a bit during this game. If you lose a round then you’ll pay for it somehow,  usually with a finger or possibly being electrocuted within an inch of your life. There are varying game modes including survival but I did feel as though the computer played a few cheating hands, or maybe I’m just a sore loser. You can get buffs though that give you an upper hand, you’re opponent also gets buffs and you won’t see what they have until they play, which proved to be quite frustrating. 21 is a good time killer but it doesn’t really offer much in the way of story etc.

Banned Footage Vol 2: Daughters

You play the part of Zoe Baker, it starts way back when everything seemed to be normal. The Baker house is a normal house, even Lucas appeared to be quite sane. I must admit, it did feel quite refreshing to be near Jack, Marguerite, and Lucas without having to worry about what they’re going to do. Just then, however, things turn for the worst and Jack walks in with an unconscious Evelyn, this is clearly when things went wrong for the Bakers. I don’t want to go into too many details about Daughters because I’ll probably spoil it for you, it’s over before it begins with my first play through being just shy of 20 minutes. My second play through was a little longer but still I’d be spoiling it if I told you more. Zoe does move a lot slower than Ethan and this proved to be a bit stressful at times, I couldn’t take the suspense. It’s a nice little addition though and gives a small insight into the Bakers before tragedy struck.

Banned Footage Vol 2: Jack’s 55th Birthday

This bit of DLC is fun, it’s a bit of light relief after enduring the tense nature of the game up to this point. Your job is simple, to go round the stage collecting food, taking it back to Jack who is sat in his party hat and feed him. Each small meal gives you points and your job is to complete the level within a certain time. The quicker you fill Jack up the better your ranking. You’ll be familiar with the ranking system it’s basically S, A and B. You can sort of control your time by killing monsters as you look for food, this will pause the timer but it won’t increase your remaining time, giving you a bit of a cushion while you move into the next room. There are six areas in total and each offer different challenges, you can also mix your food for that all important points boost. At the start of each stage you can look in your storage box and select your weapons, health and buffs that you are awarded for completing each stage.


Well there you have it, Resident Evil 7 DLC in a short(ish) round-up. The DLC is basically the icing on what is an amazing cake, the main game gave us the deep story and the DLC gave us just a little more of what was on offer. On a video I asked whether or not the DLC is worth the cost and to be honest I think it is. The hours of gameplay you have within Resident Evil 7 is worth it alone, there are numerous reasons for you to jump back in and beat your time or beat a tricky enemy. So my advice is: don’t let Resident Evil 7 sit on your hard drive, fire it up and buy the DLC you won’t be disappointed.

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