ROCCAT Syn Buds Core review

With more and more people gaming on the go, having decent audio with you is a must the ROCCAT Syn Buds Core go some way to solving that problem.

The buds are primarily designed for the Nintendo Switch but can be used on the PS4/5, Xbox and Mobile (as long as it has a 3.5mm jack). For only £20 you are getting a earbuds with 10mm drivers in each ear, three sizes of ear tips and inline volume controls with microphone.

Style wise the Syn Buds Core’s come with a premium look, the matte black finish is smart and the little ROCCAT logo on each ear finishes them off nicely. They also come with a cloth carry pouch which is great for keeping them safe when travelling.

Despite the premium look the plasticky feel convinced me the buds would be too heavy to stay in my ears but once I was using them I didn’t actually notice them. They stick out a bit further than most earbuds due to their size but they always felt secure, even when I would move around with them on. Depending on your ear size you might need to adjust which sets of tips you use. During my testing periods I always felt comfortable wearing the buds for at least an hour which is pretty impressive since I only can manage to wear my AirPod Pros for a bit longer before they start to annoy me.

I played Fortnite, Rocket League and Luigi’s Mansion 3 during my testing of the  buds and was impressed with their sound. Some of the directional audio was a little off when in combat in Fortnite but nothing game changing. They were less impressive when I moved them over to the PS5 however. I played about an hour of Horizon Forbidden West and during big battles the sound became too much for the Syn Buds Core to handle.

The buds don’t have any noise cancellation so when travelling on a train you will pick up background noises, however in quieter environments I didn’t notice any which is great. The microphone performs in a similar fashion, the quieter the environment the better but chat was clear when partying up with friends.

For a budget price you are getting an excellent set of gaming buds, if you want incredible sound with Active Noise Cancellation then you are going to have to put your hand in your pocket and pay for a premium headset, but if you are the go and look for a cheap alternative the Syn Buds Core are an excellent choice.

Dave Moran
Hello! I'm the owner and Editor-in-Chief of the site. I play too much Rocket League (and Fortnite for that matter) and I wish I was better at Rainbow Six Siege!

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