ROCCAT Syn Pro Air Review

After spending time with previous ROCCAT headsets I was looking forward to seeing what they would do to improve on the steady work they have done so far, first came the earbuds and now there is the The Syn Pro Air.

The PC and PS5 compatible headset is an excellent addition to the ROCCAT lineup. The headset boasts 3D audio, 50mm Nanoclear drivers and superhuman hearing that are used in Turtle Beach headsets and for you RGB fans there is AIMO-compatible16.8 million color lighting on each ear cup. The Syn Pro Air also has memory foam ear cups, Detachable flip-to-mute TruSpeak mic and promises a 24 hour battery life on a single charge with rapid charging from a USB-C cable.

Setup is simple, if you are lucky enough to have both a PC and PS5 you are better off starting on the PC so that any firmware that needs updating can be done first. Once you are happy you can just put the dongle into a USB port on a PS5 and you’ll be quickly up and running.

When I say up and running I mean you’ll be able to use the headset to game and chat with friends, however if you want to delve into Neon, the software that supports the Pro Air you will feel a similar frustration with Swarm, the app that supports the original ROCCAT products. 

The software isn’t very intuitive and often loses connection with the headset despite the PC managing to keep a connection. No doubt it’s an easy issue to fix but it’s always frustrating when things don’t work the first time around. It’s in this app you can customise all of the headsets features to suit your gaming needs.

Despite ROCCAT boasting a 24-hour battery life I never managed to reach that during the time I used it, instead I was getting 16-17 hours per charge which is still pretty good.

I tested the Syn Pro Air mostly on a PlayStation 5, but I did spend some time playing PC games too. Using the dongle, the headset seems to take around 30 seconds to connect to either device, which isn’t a problem but I’d expect it to be quicker.

Once connected however you’ll get a strong signal and great sound quality. I played Horizon Forbidden West and Fortnite on the PlayStation 5 – The beautiful score from Forbidden West sounded great as did the weapons clashing with the endless amount of machines trying to take me down. I took full advantage of the Superhuman Hearing feature in Fortnite to earn some battle pass levels and even the odd win. On PC I played some Command and Conquer and Apex Legends, taking advantage of the 3D audio to help me pick out my opponents.

The Microphone is pretty good, audio is clear and offers enough bass to make you sound natural, it will do a great job for work video calls as well as gaming but I wouldn’t use it for streaming or making videos.

Retailing at around £120 (Although it can be found for as little as £90) this is an excellent wireless headset that manages to sound good and have a pretty decent microphone.

Dave Moran
Hello! I'm the owner and Editor-in-Chief of the site. I play too much Rocket League (and Fortnite for that matter) and I wish I was better at Rainbow Six Siege!

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