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It is important to remember that when reading a review on ThisisXbox, it is not by any means considered to be influential and representative of how ‘you’ should think about the given game or product. Reviews on ThisisXbox describe how the reviewer thinks about the game based on their experience during gameplay or testing. However, a review can be a very good guideline for deciding about whether a game is poor or great, but it should never replace your own opinion. Indicators will be present to show an Xbox One or Xbox 360 review with a PEGI rating from Suitable for age 3 through to 18 years as displayed by the images below:

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From November 22nd 2013 ThisisXbox has changed the reviewing process to represent a more fairer score and with room for margins. We have scrapped scoring games between 1 and 10 and now rate games out of 0% – 100% so that we can put more thought into the score process than ever before. This will not change until at least another generation!



ThisisXbox.com operated a review score from one through to ten where the lowest score represents a poor value and the higher score a more positive outcome. Having stemmed from the old Xbox website ‘Xboxic’, thisisxbox.com used the same review score table. Older game reviews prior to November 22nd 2013 will display scores from this table.

Scoring Table

  1. Total and Utter Crap: Don’t buy this. If you get it for free, refuse it, or burn it. Sacrifice it to Satan, just to irritate him with a product this bad.
  2. Waste of Time: Okay they did have some rare things right. Everything else was terribly wrong though.
  3. Extremely Poor: Still a waste of the space it occupies, but at least something speaks for it.
  4. Poor: Good for some limited fun on a rainy afternoon, but apart from that a no-no.
  5. Below Average: If you really like the genre of the game or really need something in the niche of the product, it could suffice. Will not permanently entertain you or help you out.
  6. Average: Well it does what it promises to do, nothing more nothing less. If you are in the market for a product of this type, you could be getting much worse things than this. But also better.
  7. Above Average: The product is better than other offerings in the same area. It has obvious flaws, but hey it will entertain you and you probably won’t regret spending money on this.
  8. Good: You’re going to like this if you’re in the market for a product or game of this type. It’s not perfect, absolutely not, but you’ll most certainly be pleased by this purchase.
  9. Very Good: Nearing perfection, but falls short in a few areas. However, you will most definitely need to consider this purchase even if it’s not really your thing or you don’t need it. You may be surprised.
  10. Excellent: As close to perfection as can currently be. It may be surpassed by later products, but at the time of writing it was king of the hill. Spend your dough now.

You will also see half point scores such as 6.5, 7.5 etc to reflect an inbetween value.

…and that concludes our scoring, should we change it in the future – we’ll detail it right here.