Imagine someone taking something from you, and you need it back. What lengths would you go to? A pretty common question, now factor in that it’s Satan himself, and that the item in question is your beer. Would you go through hell to bring that sweet amber nectar home? of course you would!

Speedrunners from Hell, answers that question. You play as a guy called Marty who follows Satan back to hell to find his love, his beloved beer.

The game takes its design inspiration from Quake – and certainly Doom – in its fun, fast-paced, full of action style. Speedrunners from Hell, isn’t just your simple speed run game. It has character, it stands out, and although it’s a simple format, it has that ‘just one more go’ addictiveness. Flamethrowers, gravity powers, and portal hopping abilities add plenty of additional extras to keep you hooked to the action.

The game has four game modes, and a real sense of replay-ability to them, as you’re constantly mocked into going faster – a leaderboard is present on the right hand side of the screen so you are constantly reminded of how fast your friends are, giving you a target to beat.

The first mode is your standard single player, with 100 levels to keep you going, each progressively harder round by round as you travel down through hell encountering challenging puzzle elements to get to the end in the fastest time. Oh and there’s also hidden beer cans to collect throughout, for the collector in you. Collect enough beer and you unlock bonus rounds. Just watch out you don’t go to fast and get hacked to pieces, as the game tracks how many times you fail too.

Extended play is a mode for those that require more head banging, hellacious action. Here you will find level packs that have been added to the game after its release, they’re very challenging, adding even more puzzle solving, as you try to get the end of the run in the quickest time.

Speedrun mode Is unlocked once you finish all the levels on a certain floor of hell. And is for the true speedrunner in you, competitive fast-paced action as levels are pieced together rather than in segments.

Endless Mode is last but by no means least; you have your classic ‘see how far you can travel’ mode without falling, or succumbing to the depths of hell. The round constantly changes, so that when you restart you encounter a different run. Once again, with the added leaderboard on the screen to keep that replay-ability and that famous ‘just one more go’ in your head.

I had a lot of fun with SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell, it has an easy pick up feel to it, that any gamer could play, casual or hardcore. Challenging, addictive yet frustrating at the same time – a game that keeps you coming back for more.

Thanks to Headup Games for supporting TiX