Soundfall to serenade Xbox, PS4, PC and Switch in 2019

Soundfall, the music-driven action adventure from the Epic Games (Fortnite, Gears of War) veterans at Drastic Games, will head our way in 2019.

Set in the land of Symphonia, where music comes to life, Soundfall combines rhythm-based gameplay with twin-stick action for a harmonious dungeon-crawling experience. Join Melody on her quest to stop the dark power of Discord as she travels through otherworldly environments and battles to the beat.

All of the levels, enemies, loot, and more are procedurally-generated by and dynamically react to a range of musical elements, changing not only from song to song but measure to measure as tunes build and die away.


It will be playable at PAX West, EGX, and PAX Australia later this year.

To learn more about Soundfall, visit and follow @SoundfallGame for updates.

Dave Moran
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