Speedlink Sicanos Gaming Mouse review

Having the best accessories for your gaming PC is paramount if you want to have the edge over your opponents, however, the best kit is expensive, so what are you options if you are on a low budget? A good place to start would be the SICANOS RGB Gaming Mouse boasts.

Coming in at £50, the SICANOS is a lightweight gaming mouse that does a great job and looks great. It has four interchangeable side panels so you can customise its width to fit comfortably. I experimented with different panels but found the default set up the most comfortable. The mouse has two buttons under the scroll wheel that let you switch between the various profiles which allow you to customise the function of each of the seven buttons on the mouse. Again, depending on your play style you can adjust the DPI Scaling level to suit your needs.

Being able to customise your mouse is a huge factor these days, especially if you are playing games that need quick reactions, there is no point telling you that this mouse helped me seal a great deal for Cristiano Ronaldo on FM19 as any mouse can do that, however, I immediately noticed the difference when venturing into the world of Fortnite, my aim was better than it ever was and thanks to the adjustments of the DPI it felt like my reactions were better too. I spent some time playing Planet Coaster and Kerbal Space Program, even those these games do not require lightning reactions, I was able to take advantage of the Speedlink software to create Macros to make my life easier.

I have no complaints about the software support either, it only took moments to install and it immediately felt intuitive, being able to customise every part of the mouse across multiple profiles really puts you in control. You are able to create as many profiles as you wish, you’ll just need to open the software to switch between them, which is a little bit of a pain but it shouldn’t take much of your gaming time up. As well as editing the look and button configuration of the mouse you can also customise the parameters of the mouse, including sensitivity and double click rate. Most importanly the polling rate of the mouse can be changed up to 1000hz, perfect for fast paced gaming sessions.

The mouse looks great, and would fit any environment. I’ve used lots of gaming ice over the years and some have been particularly ugly, but the Sicanos is subtle and the lightning effects add to how nice the mouse looks. There are lots of combinations and effects that the mouse can handle so there is something for everyone.

I’ve struggled to find any issues with this mouse to be perfectly honest. It does everything its asked of, it was simple to set up and the customisation options are excellent, supported by easy to use, stable software. Most importantly the mouse will not break the bank, this is well worth adding to your basket!

Dave Moran
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