Stellaris to get a console version

A little while back I wrote an article about strategy games we’d like to see on consoles. Ones of those games on the list was Stellaris. But it was on the list as a dream strategy title to see on consoles, a title so CPU intensive and mouse and keyboard dependent that it surely could never find its way to consoles. I specifically said “Stellaris is the least likely title to ever see a console version”, but of course the gaming gods mean to mock my opinion, and sure enough today it was announced that Stellaris is indeed coming to console. You can check out the reveal trailer below:

This isn’t the first time the gaming gods have toyed with me. When Tropico 5: The Penultimate Edition was released I joked how Kalypso clearly didn’t know what penultimate meant. And of course, a little later down the line, Kalypso released one more version of Tropico 5, proving their naming convention correct, and making me look foolish.

Thanks, gaming gods. I think I finally understand what is it you’ve been trying to teach me: opinions are stupid, I’m stupid, shut up and play all these great games. Fair one, when Stellaris hits console I’ll be first in line.

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