Strange Brigade gets its launch Trailer and a new hero

I’m so excited for the launch of Strange Brigade on 28th August having played it twice previously at EGX 2017 and EGX Rezzed 2018. As the launch date is less that one week away, developers Rebellion have given us a brand new launch trailer.

Strange Brigade does an incredible job of recreating the style of “boys-own” adventures that were popular all those years ago when I was a mere child. Add in some super-natural inspiration, modern weapons and a dry witty sense of humour and hopefully we have a hit on our hands.

But, that’s not all as Rebellion have also announced this week that a fifth character will be available to anyone who preorders or buys the game within a month after release. Winston Bey is his name, and he is a prospector, journalist, spy, diplomat, and traveler, And to him, the Strange Brigade’s adventures are “just an amusing diversion” in his extensive voyages.

Keep watching Thumbstix to see what we think of Strange Brigade!

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Adrian Garlike
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