Student indie game Malita – Soul of a Warrior announced

Malita – Soul of a Warrior is a fast paced beat ’em up game inspired by the universe of Battle Angel Alita, due for release May 16th.

Play as Malita, a cyborg that has been rescued by Dr. Vuelto in the scrapyard under a floating city, without memory or trace of her past life. Malita will become a hunter warrior and will have to fight the mercenaries of Alloy city.

Malita – Soul of a Warrior’s story will see her face increasingly more challenging waves of enemies, testing your combat skills. Additionally, an upgrade system will allow you to enhance Malita’s robotic body and unlock new skills to face the challenges ahead.

Malita – Soul of a Warrior is being developed by 3rd year students studying for a Degree in Design and Development of Videogames at CITM – Universitat Polit├ęcnica de Catalunya, and will be released on May 16th on

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