When it come to reviewing games there’s a lot to take into consideration, the reader needs to know if the game is worth getting and of course the developers need to get a general feel on how their game is going in the big bad world. Sometimes however you get to review a game that is so simple, straight forward and intuitive that reviewing it becomes a bit of a challenge. 10tons have created that such game and it’s called Tennis In The Face.

Tennis In The Face comes in various guises and is available on just about any device you can get, even a Mac! With numerous mobile phone titles under their belt 10tons have spread their wings and ported some of their most popular titles to consoles. Originally called Clowns In The Face, Tennis In The Face sees you playing as ex-professional tennis star Pete Pagassi. It’s his job to rid the world of an Explodz addicted enemy epidemic. Explodz is a volatile energy drink and the drink plays it’s own part in the levels as you can use it’s explosive nature to aid you in your quest to clear each level. If you want there is even a website promoting the drink here.

Tennis In The Face

The goal for each stage is simple, get rid of the enemy using only your tennis racket and your balls. The least amount of balls it takes to clear the enemy the better. The enemy comes in various shapes and sizes and some require more than one hit with your tennis ball to get rid of them. You’re awarded more points should you get headshots and there are various challenges to complete. For example, take out 5 clowns before the ball bounces 4 times. It seems simple but it’s not.

10tons have perfected how to get under a gamers skin because, at times I forgot the general aim of the game and just spent half an hour trying to finish the challenges. At times, however, I considered the balance between the satisfaction of throwing my controller through a window and the cost of actually replacing both items. With that said it just shows you don’t have to have a ‘triple A’ title to get a kick out of a game.

Tennis In The Face

Tennis In The Face is basic. The art style is also basic but colourful, the controls are simple but don’t let that take anything away from just how addictive this game actually is. Very rarely do I get that engrossed in a game that I ignore what’s happening around me (in the Mafia house that is virtually impossible) but this game did. Working out trajectory, bounces, obstacles, using Explodz and working out how to get the tricky enemies had me hooked. Properly hooked.

If you are a gamerscore hunter then Tennis In The Face has your back, dishing out a cool 300 points during the first level and set of challenges alone was a massive incentive to carry on.

Tennis In The Face

Well that’s about it, aim your ball and fire, nothing too complicated about that is there. Tennis In The Face is accessible to everyone. As an example of this a senior member of the Mafia Family came over for Christmas well wishes and I let her have a go. She nailed it, and that was someone who had never even handled a controller. 10tons have it right with this but if I had one gripe then Tennis In Your Face isn’t a “go back to” game. On your phone? Yes, definitely. On your console, next to the likes of Battlefield 1, COD, etc? No, sorry.

One particular scenario where it may get numerous plays is if you have a little one and the ‘triple A’ titles aren’t really suitable for them to play. In that scenario. this is perfect, and for £3.99 it’s worth it. When all is said and done, it’s not child labour if they’re getting gamerscore for you, is it?

Tennis In The Face is available now and offers:-

  • Easy to pick-up bouncer gameplay
  • Hilarious ragdoll characters
  • Slow motion level finales
  • Over 100 levels plus bonus game modes
  • A dozen challenging Game Center achievements
  • Game Center leaderboards

Thanks to 10tons and Xbox for supporting TiX