The Arcade Pier Announced for PC

As part of the October Steam Next Fest, indie game The Pier Arcade has been announced.

The Pier Arcade is a collection of physics-based and digital arcade games built from scratch and made to mimic the games you’d play in an arcade or pier.

The Pier Arcade can be wishlisted on Steam now: The Pier Arcade on Steam (

The Pier Arcade will offer 12 arcade machines at launch, based on real-world classics, to test your skills and reactions. With its mixture of physics-based skill games and digital arcade games, The Pier Arcade is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

Outside of playing the arcade games, you’ll also be able to wander the pier performing chores – like picking up litter, refilling vending machines, and repairing faults – to earn money, then spend that money in the arcade. Earn tickets on the arcade games to purchase unique items that can aid you in your chores, or simple to show off your perseverance and arcade playing skills.

The Pier Arcade has a free demo live now as part of the Steam Fest event with the full version releasing on Steam in November.

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