The Assembly puzzles you, forces you to make some difficult decisions and gives you an enjoyable 4 hour journey.

You play as two Drs, Madeline Stone and Caleb Pearson, Madeline appears to have been captured by ‘The Assembly’ while Caleb is trying to escape with important research.

Everything is played in a first person perspective, with all your actions managed by the left and right trigger, the left trigger allows you to move forward 10 meters or so (why there isn’t a sprint button is anyone’s guess) while the right trigger performs all the other actions.

For Dr. Caleb it’s mostly opening doors and draws, listening to answer phone messages, checking emails on computers and reading files, all giving you clues to the mystery surround the workings of The Assembly. Dr. Madeline however is out through a series of trials to see whether she is a suitable candidate to work at the Assembly, Each trial is quite fun to work out, it’s a shame there weren’t more of them, or even the ability to replay them easily once the game was over.

This interactive drama moves at quite a slow pace and it never changes, everything you do has no urgency, despite having some sections where normally you would be short on time. There is plenty to explore and it’s quite easy to miss some subtle sub stories as you play along.

TheAssemblyGraphically the game isn’t fantastic, but it didn’t really detract from the game, the voice acting was quite good, although not enough to help me relate with the characters. As the game came to a close you are forced to make some ‘tough’ choices, before you know the game is over.

I enjoyed my journey in The Assembly, it’s certainly worth a playthough as it is so short, some of the puzzles were quite engaging there just didn’t seem to be enough. I’m glad I got the chance to play it.

Thanks to Xbox for supporting TiX