The first MOBA for PSVR is available now

DARK ECLIPSE, what appears to be the first-ever MOBA for PlayStation VR, is available today as a free download from the PlayStation Store.

Blending classic MOBA gameplay with the deep strategic core of real-time strategy games, DARK ECLIPSE wraps it up with highly-precise controls built for tight split-second decision making in competitive play. Matches are fast-paced one-on-one battles lasting 10 to 30 minutes, where both opponents attempt to conquer each other’s units and base.

“We created DARK ECLIPSE to capture the MOBA genre’s competitive magic, while restructuring many of its core elements to take advantage of VR’s unique capabilities,”

said Shohei Sakakibara, Producer and Project Leader at SUNSOFT.

“We’re dedicated to fostering an active community and making DARK ECLIPSE VR’s first competitive gaming phenomenon with a legitimate esports fanbase.”

Celebrating its 40-year anniversary, a rare videogame industry milestone, SUNSOFT created DARK ECLIPSE as hardcore fans of MOBAs using VR to give the genre a much-needed refresh. DARK ECLIPSE was built from the ground up in VR and utilizes the medium to great effect by replacing the typical MOBA mini-map with the player ability to fly over the battlefield with full 360-degree vision, engaging in combat by reaching out, grabbing and moving their units.

Players control teams of three Leaders, with either the DUALSHOCK 4 or Move controllers, that each have unique skills and abilities, along with the power to recruit Soldiers who increase in power and level up throughout each match. DARK ECLIPSE includes 15 Leaders at launch and will receive more via upcoming content and balance updates. Leaders can be purchased with in-game earned currency, or through special Starter Packs available through the PS Store, that also feature unique character skins and players icons.

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