At the end of Episode one, we were left in position no person would want to be left in. Telltale had done a great job with the first episode, leaving me with a suitable cliff to hang on and thankfully didn’t leave me waiting too long.

Episode two not only gives you plenty to decide upon, but these decisions all feel much more significant. This is partly because of the reduced amount of episodes, which in my opinion is good thing, there isn’t much chance for things to go flat like in the longer series they have produced.


One of my early choices was to keep the team you are with together, at some point I’ll go back and see how things pan out the other way but in my mind I’ve done the right thing. There is great combat sections again, as well as an interesting use of armless zombies too.The combat is engaging, and there is just enough of it to allow the story to be told too.

As in the previous review we discover that Michonne has some PTSD issues, and we find out some more of her backstory during this episode, we also find out more about Sam and her family. It makes for some interesting watching. She really is a great character and the voice acting by Danai Gurira really helps bring her character to life. The same can’t be said for the rest of the cast, they are all a bit forgetful if I’m honest. The biggest downfall of the series is the feeling of having been there already, which is a shame as its actually a good game.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what episode three has in store, I can’t wait to see how my decision affects the final episode.

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