The Walking Dead; Michonne returns for its final episode, the latest series from Telltale has been short and sweet so far, resulting in a tighter storyline that still manages to tug at your emotions when it wants to.

At the end Episode 2 you are left to make a decision that has a significant impact to the start of episode three. The first half is essentially the calm before the storm and it’s time for you and your group to prepare. Michonne has always led the group, she is calm, calculated and lethal, but in this episode her motherly instincts set in, there are some awkward conversations to be had with the younger members of the group. Sam, has had to deal with a huge amount in a small space of time and without the support of Michonne things will not end well. There is no time limit at this point if the game, so it’s well worth spending some time to explore the grounds and take in the conversations with the people around you.

It’s not long before the action begins, there is plenty of bloodshed, including one particularly messy death, some are prompted by the decisions you make. Just when you think you are safe, the group is in danger again, but it’s at this point where Michonne’s PTSD really begins to kick in. She has to battle her demons all while trying to keep herself and the group alive.

michooneFor the first time in the series, I went back and replayed episode 3 as I wasn’t comfortable with my choices, some of my decisions were made in a  split second and resulted in certain deaths that I wasn’t particularly happy with. It was great going back see how I could make things different.

I’ve mentioned before how much better the series has been over three, rather than five episodes. There was no time for dips in the story and everything moved along quickly. Michonne is an awesome character, despite coming across as a strong-willed powerful woman, on the inside her own troubles and the loss of her daughters, have caused her great stress and one of the final decisions you make becomes a pivotal moment in her life.

If you fancy a cheap, quick game to play through, then you can’t go wrong here. The story is excellent, the action scenes are great and there is a good chance of you playing the game over again and again.

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