It’s been a long time since I have anything to do with The Walking Dead, I never got round to the second season of the of the Telltale Game, but I enjoyed the first season immensely. Getting the chance to have to play through the first episode of the new mini series, The Walking Dead: Michonne has brought back many good memories and my hopes for the next two episodes are high.

That’s not to say the game is perfect, yet again players are faced with the same technical problems that blight the different games Telltale have produced, which is a massive shame as there is nothing worse than being gripped by a story only to have the immersion ruined by awkward pauses and stuttering in the game.

What Telltale have managed to do yet again is grab me and make sure I’m hooked. Michonne is an interesting character, at first appearing to be a complete badass but you soon discover there is much more to her than meets the eye.


On top of dealing with Zombies constantly trying to eat your face off, Michonne has her own ghosts to deal with. The first section shows this off in a great way as she battles Zombies and her demons at the same time.

It’s not long before you are introduced to some more characters, the game gives you some time to do some exploration and interaction and when you are ready you can progress the story.

Those of you already familiar with the Telltale games will know all about the QTE’s in this series it feels like there have been some improvements made, with some sections requiring you to press a combination of buttons in a short amount of time. It certainly adds to the tension of the situation. The game not only looks great but is accompanied by a beautiful musical score that really fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the game.


Although the fundamentals of the game aren’t any different to any of the other Telltale games, Michonne is an interesting enough character to keep my interest peaked for the next two episodes, this could also be an interesting dynamic as traditionally Telltale always tend to go off the boil in their five episode series. With less time available, will the quality improve, only time will tell.