That price is £650/$699 – So it certainly isn’t for the casual gamer, however, if you can afford to this steering wheel is highly recommended. The Steering wheel itself is a 1:1 replica of the P310 steering, famous across the racing tracks of the world. Teaming up with Sparco has ensured that the wheel is essentially identical to its real life counterpart. The pack also comes with the pedals also, which we’ll talk about a little later in the review.

As I first got my hands on the steering you can notice immediately that this is quality product. The aluminium frame is covered with a comfortable material will take the wear and tear from some frenzied driving by myself over the past week. The shift paddles behind the wheel are solid and comfortably within reach, while on the wheel are the A, B, X & Y buttons plus a small joystick to allow you to navigate the menus from the Wheel.
Setting up the wheel is very simple, thanks to the quick release system that Thurstmaster have created for all of their racing products. All you need to do is slot the wheel into place before twisting the plastic behind to lock it place before using a screwdriver to tighten up wheel. The pedals plug into the back of the Servomotor then the whole thing plugs into your Xbox One or PC. When it first powers on the wheel calibrates, so don’t be shocked as it spins like mad! The set also comes with a toroidal-shaped Turbo Power supply with a finless design, for optimized power efficiency. Everything you need to attach the unit to a table safely are all included and again it’s all very easy to setup, of course you’ll need a bit of space for everything so it’s worth taking that into consideration.

The first game I loaded up had to be Forza Horizon 3, I jumped in my 2016 Aston Martin and hit the road. Immediately you could feel every bump in the road, and as soon as you came off the tarmac the force feedback had you fighting with the wheel to keep the vehicle straight. What is clever about this wheel is that it uses a Power Band to control the wheel via rubber pulleys which are connected to two motors. In simple terms it will give you a fantastic racing experience.

The Pedals are mounted a plastic box with rubber feet that will ensure they don’t slip away from you when you are trying to accelerate, the metal pedals themselves are very responsive and give you much greater control over you speed, the brake has a conical rubber brake mod, which again gives you much greater control over your braking, which in turns adds to the experience.

I really enjoyed using the paddles to shift the gears, and being able to use all the buttons to activate DRS in F1 2017 certainly helped me improve my driving. It took me quite a while to adjust to the different cars I raced in, let alone the different games. Slamming into the gravel on the first corner at the Australian Grand Prix, really shocked me as I’d driving perfectly well in Forza Horizon, but of course, every car handles differently and the P310 reacts amazing well to each car.

As I mentioned at the beginning, you are going to need to be a bit of a hardcore driving fan if you are thinking of picking this up, but if you do, you are getting once of the best racing wheel setups around. PS4 Users are out of luck currently but Xbox and PC fans will be most pleased.

Thanks to Thrustmaster for supporting TiX