When you are lucky enough to review Video Games, it does come with a slight curse, not being able to spend your whole time playing one game. Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of those titles I wish I had more time to play. It’s such a great game, whether you are going it alone in the main part of the city or rolling with your team mates in the Dark Zone there is always something going on. We’re all used to picking up books to accompany games, but for the first time that I can remember I’ve got a got a book to play more of the game with.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: New York Collapse is an adventure book that ties in perfectly with the video game. During the game you pick up a book dropped by April Kelleher. Inside is a part of a survivalist guide, her pages have been spread across New York and part of the game is to find all the pages. The physical book is the completed guide containing all of April’s handwritten accounts of April’s struggles to discover what has happened.

collapseThe attention to detail in the book is incredible, from the look and feel of the book itself to amazing content within. The book looks like it has already been dropped on the floor, the cover is ripped, scorched and dirty and is packed full of fascinating information, including handwritten notes. The guide covers all sorts of information, describing what a catastrophe is, how to treat wound and even how to make a stove from a can of Tuna!

On every page there are hand written notes, adding information to the guide, real life tips if you will. The notes are different colours depending wen they were written,  it’s interesting to see how the collapse changes over time and how there would have been to consider if you were really in that situation.

Even now after having the book for a few weeks I’ll find a different angle to the story or something will fall out of the book that I missed the first time round. There are post-it notes, maps, pages  ripped from books and more.