VR puzzler Transpose coming to PSVR

I do love a good puzzler, even more so if it’s in VR. The platform in my eyes has been the most successful with this genre, offering an immersion that fits perfectly, especially if you play within a room-sized environment and this is the latest endeavour for developer Secret Location’s Transpose – challenging puzzles in room scale VR.

Unlike other puzzlers out there, on paper Transpose offers plenty to keep you puzzled with three worlds combining for 30 levels and totalling around 8 hours of gameplay.

“VR is all about wonder, and we wanted to encapsulate that in a game that extends our perception of what’s possible in VR through a lengthy and fully-realized experience,” said Ryan Andal, President and Co-Founder at Secret Location. “Transpose’s heavy surrealism is our attempt to, literally and figuratively, completely turn you on your head and transport you into a warped reality you’d never be able to experience otherwise – this is when VR is at its best.”

Transpose steps things up with VR puzzles by focusing its mechanics upon making copies of oneself – by creating these time loops, you combine several actions to solve the puzzle. I’m sold…

Rich Berry
After leading ThisisXbox (TiX) alongside Dave Moran and evolving the site into ThumbsTiX, these days you will find me as a contributor and reader on the site.

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