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What the Dub?! review

What the Dub is a clever party game that challenges you to think quickly to win.

The premise is simple as it gets, a clip from a TV or movie plays, at some point the audio drops out, giving you a chance to get creative to complete the scene. 

Each player then has a set amount of time to type in their answers, the scene the replays magically dubbing each player’s answer. You’ll then be given the chance to vote for your favourite answer. Whoever gets the most votes gets the most points. 

In a similar fashion to the Jackbox Party games, only one player needs to own the game, everyone can log in to a website via their device and input their answers there. We didn’t encounter any issues, though beware of devices that auto lock, that could see you getting logged out.

What the Dub? Can be played with 3-6 players and the host can customise different features of the game, thankfully one of those features is the time you have to input an answer (because we aren’t as witty as we think), others include how many rounds and a profanity filter which we definitely did not turn off for our games!

The dubbing works really well, we threw all sorts of phrases at the game and the dubbing was seamless. As you would expect, you aren’t going to be dubbing Mission Impossible, you will be dubbing very old dramas and films with little or no copyright. We had more fun tearing down scenes with no context and it makes What the dub?! the game it is.

Of course it would be great to dub over more recognisable films/actors but we totally appreciate why that would be more difficult. 

Despite the lack of recognisable footage, What the dub?! Is a brilliant party for everyone to enjoy.


Dave Moran
Hello! I'm the owner and Editor-in-Chief of the site. I play too much Rocket League (and Fortnite for that matter) and I wish I was better at Rainbow Six Siege!

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